One Hundred at South Broad


Where some see empty land, we see a fertile field. We see the community that could be, and we're working to make it real.



one hundred at south broad

Since 2002, Collier Construction has had a single goal: to build environmentally sensitive homes of the highest quality. Now, through smart contemporary construction, using honest materials the right way, we’re building One Hundred at South Broad, a new Chattanooga community.



Carefully paralleling the Tennessee river beginning at the Chickamauga Dam, threading the heart of downtown, connecting to St. Elmo Avenue less than .2 miles from One Hundred at South Broad, and ending at the GA border, the Chattanooga riverwalk is one of the most special things about our city and one of the best things about this neighborhood. Hop on the riverwalk to the restaurants in the St. Elmo business district or bike to work every morning downtown. Wherever it takes you, the riverwalk can be the pleasant commute that eliminates the car from your daily life.

The St. Elmo Plan

The South Broad Plan


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