Palm Paradiso

"Palm Paradiso"

2547 Avalon Cir

Chattanooga | TN | 37415

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If you’re searching for Palm Paradiso in Chattanooga’s historic North Shore neighborhood, just look for the pink door--or the pink mailbox. This completely renovated and reimagined midcentury home is as breathtaking as it is unique. Featuring sleek modern amenities that complement the soul of designers past, Palm Paradiso is the perfect successor to Uptown Firm’s already stellar collection of listings.


This all-white abode didn’t always look this way. Until Gary Crowe and Uptown Firm got a hold of it, this unassuming house was just another echo of an era gone by in a neighborhood of old growth trees and gently sloped lawns. What started as a single-story ranch was brilliantly transposed into a split-story masterpiece of whimsy and imagination. Walls tumbled and a roof lifted. The soul never left.


Like all of Uptown’s fully-custom homes, Palm Paradiso must be seen to be believed. An interior wall boldly announces its presence in blue and pink palm frond wallpaper. Stark, all-white walls juxtapose custom entry tilework. Walnut cabinets add modern allure to the open kitchen. Every detail meticulously harkens to the days when this old house was new--and made new again. A latticed front porch completes the midcentury figure.


From Gary’s imagination to reality in bountiful color, Palm Paradiso will be talked about in Chattanooga for years to come. You’ll talk about it soon too. Just look for the pink door.



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