The Modern Bungalow

Gary Crowe | 423.531.2736


1220 Hanover Street

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When Gary Crowe bought this fixer-upper property on Hanover Street, people told him to tear down the old house and start from scratch. Gary disagreed, thinking that there was a way to salvage the home and turn it into something special instead. That’s how the Modern Bungalow was born.

Originally built in the 1930s, to say that this house looked rough when Gary got his hands on it would be a massive understatement. The porches sagged, the roof was disintegrating, and the wood panel walls were flat-out unacceptable. But Gary saw the potential lurking underneath of this quirky and personality-filled home, so he gave it new life. The results speak for themselves.

Preserving this home’s frame wasn’t easy, but building on its character-filled husk, Gary transformed this pre-WWII home into an immaculate and contemporary modern retreat in one of Chattanooga’s most popular neighborhoods. The resulting redesign is almost unrecognizable, and it’s definitely unbelievable.

He began by stripping out practically everything in the home. Gary tore down walls, opened up space, and pulled up flooring. Keeping a modern ethos in mind, he put his designer eye to the interior, and the results are spectacular. An open and airy kitchen runs almost the whole length of the home. Slate colored cabinets complement the soft whites and grays on the countertops and walls. Rich chocolate hardwood floors harken to the home’s past while supporting the contemporary vision applied to the renovation.

The Modern Bungalow proves that no remodel is too ambitious for Gary Crowe. Preserving this small home’s (admittedly ancient) personality, he saved this slice of history, bringing it squarely into the 21st century. Gary feels strongly that to create something new, it also needs to participate in the past. Old meets new in pleasantly surprising and amazing ways on Hanover Street North Chatt.

  • Completely Renovated

  • 3 Bedrooms

  • 2 Bathrooms

  • Quartz Countertops

  • Custom Kitchen

  • Titled Shower

  • Harwood Flooring

  • Black Stainless Appliances

  • Open Floor Plan

  • Covered Back Deck

  • Award Winning Schools

  • LED Lighting


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