WayPoint South

**Welcome to WayPoint South where Mindful luxury is elevated luxury** WayPoint South is built for the discerning professional who understands that opportunity follows the rhythm of a city’s pulse. You have to be close to feel it, not in a lonely house 45 minutes away from your latest pursuit. The city center, however, does not have to mean the sacrifice of your comfort. Thanks to Collier’s mindful approach to luxury, you can have all the peace of a suburban dream home in a 3 bedroom 3,200 square foot town home. Forget parking garages, public elevators, and 3 step instructions for entering some sterile apartment. WayPoint South is a community of unique town homes placed on one of the few residential streets of down town Chattanooga that sees zero cut-through traffic.


WayPoint South means construction with the highest quality, most environmentally responsible materials. It means a floor plan engineered to accommodate all moments of life, private or public. It means an enormous, covered rooftop patio for unforgettable dinner parties or intimate sunset conversations. It means a bonus room ready at a moment’s notice to convert to a guest bedroom complete with kitchenette. It means a master suite that will take your breath away. Waypoint South is mindful luxury in the heart of the South’s most scenic and vibrant city.



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